Elastomer Roof

Elastomer roofElastomer roof is coated metal that is not the fastest will suffers such damage and destruction rusty fasteners and stitching the clear could result in leaks in the roof.
If there is damage to the greatest risk is of course a roof replacement cost is greater.
One of the prevention of damage to metal roofing is by coating.

One of the coating is quite popular with the elastomer. High quality of the roof is coated with elastomer extend the useful from the roof of your next few years.
There are various shapes and sizes of type for this roof with high quality is usually more expensive.
Coating with a low cost durable than not also not built for protection against ultra violet.

Another advantage of this type with elastomeric roof coating is energy savings because if you use a roof with the decrease in temperature coating can reach forty degrees in a very short time. Obviously this is very beneficial in saving your energy.

To coat your metal roof that you need to consider is the surface to be coated must be clean. If you need to be washed with high pressure washer for all the dirt threw everything including the hard. All existing rust on the metal to be removed and sprayed with inhibitors to stop the rate of metal corrosion.
Make sure all have been coated with elastomeric material with no little space was left. If necessary you can also change the flashing preexisting for a place to walk on the roof.
After the coating material is dry, close to the fasteners with the type of rivets and fasteners are damaged or lost must be replaced all.
Coating materials that you use must be really thick.

For the final stage you can paint the roof. You can do it with spray paint supplier. Sprayer that you use must have the right head for the coating of paint you use. Make sure the paint layer is dry before the rains will come. Elastomer layer will not adhere to wet surfaces.
Temperature also affects the lining. To put the layer should be not less than 55 degrees for the layer is attached properly.
You can use a contractor to do the job, but to save money you can do with yourself.


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  2. Coating is great prevention of damage. I second that.

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  5. Oh, having another layer of home protection is a big help in avoiding major damages to your roof - that's what elastomer roof brings to the table. Also, a damaged roof can look good as new after using this coating. A lot of roofs are happy because of these so-called guardian angels. LOL!

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