Which roofing design is the most hurricane-resistant

Hurricane resistant roofs are the desire of every householder, especially for those who live in the area often hit by storms. What is the most suitable design and type of material for it?

If you live in an area that is affected by hurricanes, you must first wait for a storm warning before preparing your house for possible damage. Fortunately, well-prepared homeowners can do many things in the event of a storm to protect their homes.

During a hurricane, the most important consideration is to protect potential locations where wind and rain can enter your home. Make a list of all access points to your home: doors, windows, garages, and even entrances that people can not use, such as: B. pinion openings and perforated holes for pipes and cable connections. Make sure the holes and cracks you find are full of caulking.

Hurricanes can also penetrate your home in a less obvious way. For example, grab and remove loose tiles to allow water to penetrate the loft and insulation. Secure all your bricks with roof cement and check them regularly to make sure your roof is prepared for hurricanes.

Hurricane resistant roofing instructions must be designed so that they are not easily damaged
But the aspect of hurricane preparation that you will probably pay attention to is securing the doors and windows. Experts recommend hurricane blinds. When buying Venetian blinds, ask your supplier if they can withstand the effects of a hurricane. Venetian blinds can be expensive and some people choose plywood. If you opt for this route, experts recommend in inch plywood. Drill about 18-inch screw holes around the plywood to keep the panel in place.

It's probably too late to buy your blinds or plywood after hearing the storm warning. You should think a bit about your doors and windows and your hurricane preparedness as soon as you buy your home in hurricane or at least before the start of the hurricane season. If you plan in advance, you can measure and drill your plywood or install all the hardware needed to hang your hurricane Venetian blinds. When a storm comes up, you are ready. Do not forget to have a solid ladder and the right screwdriver with you. You will not want to spend hours before the storm hits your garage. As bleak as it may seem, if you live in an area that is particularly affected by hurricanes, you can become an expert in installing and removing hurricane Venetian blinds.

Doors, especially double doors, can be opened by the impact of a hurricane. Use screws that are at least 1 inch long. For double doors, which are particularly likely to tilt inwards from the point of weakness where they were found, heavy bolt anchors must be fitted to the top and bottom of the doors. By installing doors that open outwards and not inwards, your home will be protected from water and wind during a hurricane.

Do not forget garage doors and blind entrances. For garage doors, additional steel struts must be installed. Also, make sure they are shock resistant like your Hurricane Venetian blinds. Gable vents are other common entry points. Although protected by grates, these grates are not designed to prevent rain. Switch them on or at least protect them with plywood as with windows.

It is important that you protect all access points to your house from wind and water. Of course, water can flood your home and cause significant property damage. Due to its configuration, the wind of a hurricane can also enter and then exert upward pressure, causing the roof of the house to be blown up.

Of course, it is also important to protect the exterior of your home during a hurricane. Remove dead trees or branches from your garden. And safe garbage cans, bicycles, legal furniture and other items that could break a window or hurt someone when flying in the air.

Hurricanes are inevitable, but with proper planning, your home can withstand the storm.